About Us


RYSE is built on the foundation of one woman’s struggles, though her words are different the story is always the same. Women feeling unworthy, undervalued, and under-appreciated. This is why we need to make changes.


At RYSE, we are committed to raising and lifting women through daily affirmations that enrich your mindset to ryse and thrive. We are building a society to unite us; together we ryse.

We also believe in giving back. Read about our commitment to empowering all women through our partnership with Women's Habitat.


Meet the Founder...

I’m Tanya, the founder of RYSE and this is my story. RYSE was built out of necessity, both for myself but also for the struggles that we as women go through.


As a Marketer in the corporate world, my career was everything to me. When I took my mat leave, I naively thought I’d return in 9 months and pick-up exactly where I left off. That clearly was not the case. I was told by my former employer I did not have a job to return to. Less than two weeks later COVID-19 hit. I was completely shocked and angry that in 2020 this still happens to women. Have we not made any progress?


The months to follow were an emotional roller coaster, from being forced to sell our condo & move in with my parents, to figuring out what the hell I was going to do with my life. After a year of soul searching I found that my story was very similar to many other women; though the words are different the storyline is always the same. Women feeling unworthy, undervalued and underappreciated.


This is why we need to make changes. So, with that thought, RYSE was born.


Yup, that's me! When I'm not building an empire, I'm probably cracking jokes (and laughing at myself). You have to keep it light!